Value Bets: What Does It Mean and How to Determine?

Value Bets: What Does It Mean and How to Determine?

September 19, 2020 0 By Алина Ерохина

I pay special attention in betting to value odds. They allow me to receive a stable income at a distance.

To find them, I must carefully assess the capabilities of the opponents and their chances of success. Next, I’ll tell you what value rates are and how to find them.

What is the value rate?

A value bet is a bet on an outcome that, in my opinion, is underestimated by the bookmaker’s analysts. Higher prices are set for such markets.

In case of making a successful forecast, I get a good income. I recommend using this tactic only for users who have the skills to independently analyze upcoming sports confrontations.

I have been successful with this strategy because I have my own opinion for different matches. I bring to your attention the essence of a successful gaming strategy:

  • I have to create a list with my unique odds even before I open the bookmaker quotes.
  • I need to do a job comparing the difference in odds for the markets I’m interested in.

The most important question for successful use of the system is finding value odds. Below I will tell you in detail how to find undervalued quotes.

Finding Valuable Bets

The simplest and most effective method is to use special services to scan bookmaker odds. These programs analyze the quotes offered by bookmakers, make calculations and publish the necessary information.

In their calculations, they calculate the arithmetic average of a quote from a large number of bookmakers. Then they compare the average to the one set at the office. If the obtained indicator is higher than the average value, then this quote is valuable.

I work with the following services:

  • OddStorm. Market leader with a large number of undervalued odds available.


  • Value Checker. An interesting site where I can not only find the quotes I need, but also compare odds and work with falling markets.

Value Checker

  • AllBestBets. A well-known Russian-language resource with very powerful functionality. I can also find surebets in it.


I find still overvalued markets manually using the following instruction:

  • I have to understand all the specifics of the chosen sport. To do this, I evaluate the proposed markets. If I notice that the bookmaker’s analysts are wrong, then I use it to generate income.
  • Search among surebets. If I find surebets, then I can immediately determine the value odds. The fork itself means a mistake in determining the chances of success of the opponents. I find a lot of similar situations in live mode.

Undervalued markets are the mistakes of bookmakers that allow me to legally make money in betting. I wish you good luck!