Bookmaker odds

Bookmaker odds

September 22, 2020 0 By Алина Ерохина

Beginners can make mistakes when choosing the required bookmaker odds. In reality, there are no difficulties in this matter.

Offices can offer different types of quotes, which assess the chances of passing different markets. I’ll take a closer look at this next.

What does the bookmaker odds mean and what its tasks are

The office calculates user winnings by the value of the bookmaker’s odds. These numbers demonstrate exactly how the bettor’s money is distributed. The larger the amount I make a forecast for a certain sports team relative to its opponent, the lower the quote for him will be.

Bookmaker odds driver

Thanks to odds, I can find out what is the probability of a club or an athlete to win in the chosen discipline. I see the ratio of the chances of passing the markets offered by the office. My profit according to a good forecast is determined as follows: the amount of the bet is multiplied by the quote.

The following factors influence the level of coefficients:

  • The status and scale of the sporting confrontation.
  • Results of past matches of future opponents.
  • Where exactly the fight will take place.
  • Place of participants in the standings or rating.
  • Level of training, etc.

The odds can be changed long before the start of the confrontation or before the start. This is due to weather conditions, player injury, etc.

Types of quotes

Types of quotes

I know several categories of odds that are available in bookmakers. Let’s take a look at them:

  • English. These quotes are also called fractional, because they look like 10/115. The numbers indicate the amount of the net winnings to the value of the bet.
  • European. They have the usual decimal form, which is used by most bettors in our region. These numbers are most convenient for calculating the income received.
  • American. American odds are the most difficult to understand. They are divided into categories: positive and negative. The corresponding sign is located in front of the number in the match list. For beginners, I advise you to use online calculators to carry out calculations.
  • Others. All over the world, in different offices, you can find a wide variety of odds. For example, in addition to the above, I have met Malaysian and Indonesian. If you work with them, then there will be no problems with the calculations.

In general, I recommend using only European odds for work. They are available in most popular bookies.

I also advise you to familiarize yourself with the English methods of calculation in the line, because some well-known British firms offer only this option. I wish you good luck!